Industry Giant 1 and 2, My Wine Industry Cheats

Ever thought about creating your own business and become the greatest power in the industry? Your dream is about to come into reality, since Industry giant game was created specially to cover up this part of life.

Many people do not get the chance to take control over huge amounts of money, but in fact, it is a dream that we live every day to fulfill. We are crushed by the daily routines, but when it comes to dreaming, nothing can stop us!

This was a quick introduction to the game, but in fact, we are creating this ultimate Industry Giants cheats to help the new and advanced players at the same time with getting over the most common difficulties that they could face during their playtime.

Everything is written at this preview is totally legal and there is no use of any 3rd party applications. The information mentioned here has been gathered from the experienced team we have and from all over the internet.

Do not forget to check the references at the bottom.

Game Description.

At the first part, we would love to let the readers understand the main purpose of playing the game and whether they should download it or not.

It was created originally to deliver a real life simulation to the business industry. There are two main versions, the first one was Industry Giants and since it has delivered a great addition, they have decided to release the second version Industry Giants II and it has many improved features.

Do not expect the game to have the full aspects of the business, we are talking about the HR and some management departments, but that is expected to be updated on the next sequel in the near future.

If you are planning to become successful in any way at your time in this game, then you should have a previous experience about the supply chain model. In addition, this is going to become our main topic next here at Industry Giants cheats.

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What Is The Supply Chain Model?

Have you ever been questioning yourself about the goods that you have been consuming everyday with your families and friends, where do they come from? How did they become available for us?

The answers to these questions will cover up the supply idea, it is a little bit complicated as it dives deeper through the beginning of the entire process, but it will help you to look at products from a different point of view.

  • For example: eating an egg for a breakfast is something we usually do every day, but we never started to ask ourselves, where did this egg come from? How much money did the grocery make from selling these eggs? How much money does the main supplier get at the first place?

The main manufacturing company will start to produce these goods atthe first place, but they have to get the materials first depending on the business type of course…

Once the product is ready to be distributed, the super markets in case of the eggs and similar products will start to purchase their share depending on their customer’s numbers.

As they grow up, they will demand more and the main producer will start to produce more eggs. This was simply the Supply chain model.

General View on the Main Features of the Game.

After learning the main concept of the supply chain, then you should have a very clear vision over the gameplay. However, as you proceed further in the Industry Giants cheats, you will become more experienced in no time, without even having an actual time spent on the game itself.

The game events are taking place in the year 1900 and you will be given only a very little amount of money to begin your dream! Being smart enough to handle the situation at the beginning and establish a solid ground for yourself to have this great boost.

One of the greatest features we have admired in the game is the ability to make critical decisions at the hard points. One single mistake and you are risking of losing a huge amount of money and powers, this means many steps behind you have to recover from them.

This will teach you the importance of your decisions and how can they can affect your business in a very hard way. At the Industry Giantscheats, we will try to help you with the decisions making. Scroll down for more…

Gameplay in Depth.

We are planning to make a walkthrough the campaign mode with more details for the new players, so if you are considering yourself a little bit advanced player, skip out this part and head directly to the advanced section down below.

There are three difficulty levels available to choose from. We are recommending the easy mode for the new players as it has less complications and we can teach you the main basics much easier through it.

If you are looking for more challenging environment then you should read our Industry Giants cheats first.

Bart County is the first campaign that will be available for you, it is a small sized map, initial year 2000, end of mission will consume only 5 years.

You have a limited available capital. Fortunately, you have decided to invest it in a business enterprise instead of squandering it.

As your capital is rather small, it is strongly recommended you start your business career in the agricultural sector.

Your target is to double your initial capital within 5 years. That is to say, you ought to have at least 4 million in your account by 1905. You can either plant fruit or try to make money with chicken farms and caltic ranches. Good luck!


How to Become Successful?

Before the beginning of each campaign, there will be a list with the goals that you have to achieve in order of having a successful journey so far. In our case at the first mission, we had to double out the money from 2 million into fourmillion in 5 years of the game time.

There will be some tutorial basics appearing from time to time, but you can disable it if you are reading and following our Industry Giants cheats.

Remember that the fine weather can be expected for the next few years, harvest yields should reach the average of the previous years. This is something you must consider into your plans.

  • Establishing a farm is a something that sounds very reasonable right now, as we have been speaking about the harvesting advantage in the current time of the year.

Each building you are constructing will come with several requirements to be fulfilled. The purchase price, base costs per months, workers cost per month, demolitioncost and the influence on the city in general.

That is when the Industry Giants cheats will come to the light; we will do our best to help you with understanding the main methods of gaining money in the game with the lowest amount of effort so far.

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Top five Methods to Earn Fast & Easy Money!

This is something that worth your time and you must read it fully with great concentration. The money is controlling everything in the game, and without having enough money, your industry will collapse and the same can be said about your dreams.

The written list below will cover the most reliable ways to get as much money as possible with the lowest amount of effort and time possible for the average player. This was the main purpose of creating the Industry Giants cheats website.

We have to remind you that you do not have to use any third party application or even click on links to get the money. All the mentioned methods are within the game itself and totally legal.

  • Always focus on the main goal and try to be fluid when it comes to the decision making.
  • Have a calculator by your side to do the math and know how much you are spending on the constructionsprocess.
  • Having a great transportation and disruption system for your products.
  • Searching for the cheapest materials on the country to increase the profit.
  • Keeping yourself up to date with the market needs and try to cover it as fast as possible.

By following these five methods, we can guarantee you a quick and great success in your journey of becoming one of the greatest businessperson in the world in a very short period.